Highly qualified educators driven to excel in the National Quality Standards, providing an emergent curriculum with a holistic approach.

Niño People

Niño Early Learning Adventures: from our family to yours.

Niño represents an entirely new, intuitive approach to early education and care. Family owned and developed, Niño’s Early Learning Adventures are industry leading in every way: from their aesthetically gentle, homelike architectural spaces, child-led learning curriculums and nature playgrounds to their nutritionist developed seasonal menus. Encouraging your child to be brave, creative, resilient and kind is core to the Niño vision.

Niño Senior Management

A veteran of Australia’s early years education and care sector for over 25 years, Niño Early Learning Adventures are proud to have Melinda Ackerman amongst its Senior Management team. “My goal at Niño is to strive for excellence across every element of our early years education and care programs. I continue to encourage, train and guide our team through Niño’s unique education and care philosophy.” Having observed shifting trends in the early care sector for generations, Melinda is an eminently qualified and generous leader, teacher and carer.

Melinda Ackerman

Niño Educators and Carers

The Niño team draws upon the talent and experience of Melbourne’s foremost early childhood education and care professionals. Working across each of our unique Early Learning Adventure centres, Niño’s management team focus on offering your child a rich and varied life experience that challenges and nurtures their natural talents and inclinations.