Educational and care programs that support the learning journey uniquely catered for your child and their development.

Niño Programs

Niño focuses on each child: encouraging them to be brave, creative, resilient and kind. Our unique curriculum is best understood as Emergent Learning with a Holistic approach. Emergent Learning is a curriculum which continuously evolves in response to your child’s changing needs and interests, engaging with parental interests and community awareness. Holistic education is based on the foundation that each child finds identity, belonging, meaning and wellbeing in themselves, the natural environment and the world around them.

These two key elements of Emergent Learning and Holistic Education are the basis of Niño’s programs.

Niño’s programs are further influenced by:

Niño’s Philosophy and Values

Your Child’s Interests

National Quality Standards (NQS)

The Victorian Early Years Learning Framework (VEYLF)

The Early Years Learning Framework (Being, Belonging and Becoming)

The Environment and World Around Us

Niño Technology

As Australia cements its position as a knowledge economy, the importance of digital literacy becomes ever greater.

Niño Early Learning Adventures offer children the opportunity to experiment with digital technology and the internet, encouraging them to pursue their interests through the supervised use of computers and tablets. By introducing technology at an appropriate level – from younger children through to those in their last year of kindergarten – Niño encourages every child to extend their learning with the appropriate use of technology and suitable educative programs.

Niño Enhancement Programs

Niño Early Learning Adventures provide access to new worlds of experience for your child, allowing them to better understand the diversity of the world they live in.

Drawing on the knowledge of professionals in the communities surrounding and supporting our centres, Niño engage experts to work on a sessional basis, sharing their stories and skills. In any term, your child will have the chance to engage in Niño Experiences which may include:

Yoga: Learning to rest and develop mindfulness whilst developing core strength.

Cooking Classes: Understanding the relationship between nature and nourishment, and opportunities to experiment with fresh produce grown in Niño’s vegetable and herb gardens.

Baby Music Class: Designed to expand your baby’s cognition through music and movement.

Physical Education: The opportunity to enjoy a variety of sports and games, to challenge oneself and take calculated risks, to develop core strength.

Languages Other Than English: Exploring other cultures traditions through language basics.

Offered on varying days to support children’s learning.