Stage 4 Restrictions – Permitted Worker Permit

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The Stage 4 COVID-19 lockdown restrictions announced by the Victorian Government are now in place. These changes have been introduced to limit the movement of people across metropolitan Melbourne to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Additional support provided by the Federal Minister of Education allows all early learning centres to continue operating during the Stage 4 Melbourne lockdown for families of vulnerable children and those of essential workers with Childcare Permits.  Throughout the Stage 4 restrictions which are currently in place until September 13, families wishing to access childcare will need to apply for a ‘Permitted Worker Permit’.

Please see our FAQs below in relation to Stage 4 and Permitted Worker Guidelines

Should you have any additional questions, please contact our Administration Team on (03) 9421 6755 or

We will continue to provide you with the latest information and advice as it becomes available.

What is the criteria for a Permitted Worker requiring childcare and kindergarten?

A Permitted Workers is still required to attend a worksite under Stage 4 restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne and can also include someone working from home. This does not apply to every worker working from home – only those working in permitted industries.

Permitted workers can access onsite childcare and kindergarten if there is no one else in their household who is able to supervise the children.

This might include if a permitted worker is in a single parent household or if the other parent or partner is:

  • also, a permitted worker
  • has a medical condition, or chronic illness, which prevents them from caring for the child
  • has a disability
  • is completing full time study and must attend on-site
  • works from home, but in a role that means they cannot supervise the child/ren – resulting in the permitted worker not being able to do their job.

Do both parents / carers need to be permitted workers to access childcare?

Both parents/carers do not have to be permitted workers to access childcare – but we are asking that you only access childcare and kinder services if you absolutely have to.

What documentation do I need to provide to confirm I am a permitted worker, parent or carer?

As a permitted worker, parent or carer you will need to provide one of the following documents:

Information is available on the Department’s Worker Permit Scheme webpage.

What if I am not a Permitted Worker?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept children who do not meet the criteria of a Permitted Worker. At this point we see these restrictions being in place until Sunday 13 September unless we are advised otherwise by the Government.

Families that do not meet the above requirements and are not permitted to attend the Service during Stage 4 Restrictions.

Will I be charged my normal gap fee during stage 4 restrictions?

No …. During the stage 4 restrictions the service will continue to charge the gap fee in order to meet Child Care Subsidy obligations and then waive the gap fee payable by families if your child is not in attendance.

Will my child still be enrolled during the stage 4 restrictions?

Yes, after 13th September 2020 or following the relaxation of stage 4 restrictions, you will have access to the same days of care that are currently secured for you.

How will the service communicate with families during this time?

The service will continue to provide regular updates to all enrolled families during the time of stage 4 restrictions through our usual forms of parent communication.

What happens after 13th September 2020?

Subject to further Government directive to curb the COVID-19 crisis, we anticipate at this stage that care will recommence as normal for all families who are actively enrolled within the service. All bookings will remain the same in relation to children’s days of attendance.