Infant Specialist Training


Niño ELA Infant Specialist Training

The ‘Niño Early Learning Adventures Infant Specialist Training and Curriculum’ program supports children to achieve the lifelong benefits associated with good sleep and rest. Via this program, Educators and families learn the skills required to enhance the sleep and the settling of children.

Our program stands alone in the Early Childhood services sector. Niño ELA prioritise providing intensive training to all Educators – focusing on baby cues, infant development, sleep and settling, the circle of security, primary caregiving and the health and wellbeing of all infants.

The ‘Niño Early Learning Adventures Infant Specialist Training and Curriculum’ program has been implemented as part of further training and mentoring across Niño ELA to provide knowledge about enhanced sleep, settling and caring infant environments.

A response-based gentle approach to settling children at sleep time, the emotional needs of the children are respected, whilst responding to cues and providing a safe sleep environment. The program supports Educators and families to comfort their baby through a change process which helps the young child to undergo positive emotional development.

This unique program was developed and designed by Infant Specialised Practitioner Nicole Atcheson in her role as Mentor and Leadership Manager.

Infant and Toddler Sleep Hotline

When we identify families who may be experiencing postnatal depression, postnatal anxiety and other mental health issues, we provide access to the ‘Niño Early Learning Adventures Infant and Toddler Sleep Hotline’. They can seek support and assistance, before being referred onto an appropriate health professional in a trusting, positive relationship connection environment.


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