Celebrating the wonder of early childhood


Championing children and all they can be

Niño’s mindful curriculum is built around flexible indoor and outdoor learning environments. Working together with families, we create individual learning programs that consider interests, physical, personal, social and emotional wellbeing as well as cognitive aspects of learning.

Guided by the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia, our unique education curriculum harnesses the theory of emergent learning and the science of positive psychology.


Educational experiences

Thoughtfully curated, our curriculum gives every child the opportunity to have meaningful learning experiences that incorporate their emerging interests to reach their full potential.


Our positive education framework focuses on developing skills for children to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance resilience, promote mindfulness and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.



Healthy food, means a healthy mind. We actively involve children in nutrition as well as the opportunity to participate in meal time rituals.

Enhancement Programs

We provide a world of experiences for children to extend their discovery. Our specialist classes include physical education, Spanish language, mindfulness, yoga and music.


Thoughtfully designed centres

Every Niño Early Learning Adventures centre is as unique as the community it is a part of. By keeping the needs of children central to the heart of what we do, we purposefully design, build and choose resources that enable children to confidently explore their environment and interact with one another.


Niño Early Learning Adventures takes pride in supporting our children and families in instilling sustainable values that inform attitudes and drive thinking behaviour for sustainable practices, both within the service and home environment. We support this by introducing experiences that will support growth and help our little Niño’s to flourish.

At Niño ELA, our sustainable practices range from recycling and waste management, water conservation, energy conservation, learning how to garden and composting.


Keeping in contact with Flexischools

At Niño ELA you get to be part of all the joy and special moments in your child’s life, capturing important milestones, photos and learning activities through our private online communication sharing portal, Flexischools App.

You will receive news, messages, events and other communications on what’s happening at your child’s Niño Early Learning Adventures centre.

Flexischools delivers relevant information in a private and safe way, enabling educators to have fast and controlled messaging to the parents of the children in their room. Without using phone numbers or emails, they can share the room’s daily activities, photos, meeting times and reminders.

Our Values

Our values: The Niño promise we live by.
Respect. Considerate and compassionate, we value the diverse perspectives, experiences, knowledge and skills that each person brings. We create an environment where everyone feels appreciated and can belong.
Bravery. Curious and progressive, we are passionate about advancing early childhood education. We push boundaries, try new approaches and explore possibilities to create richer, more holistic learning experiences and stronger foundations for life.
Everyday wonder. Creative and inspiring, we recognise how important and amazing the early years are. We share and celebrate the special moments and allow every child to flourish at their own pace.
The True You. To bring out the best in others, we must be proud of who we are. Honest, reliable, diligent and genuine, we always strive for excellence and deliver on our promises.


"Just a quick note to pass on how grateful M and I are to all of the staff at Niño for your fantastic work and dedication to the children. Whenever we come into the centre we are greeted by friendly, smiling faces- as a result our boy is completely settled, happy and comfortable. We truly appreciate all that you and the staff do and are relieved to have found such a supportive, warm and welcoming centre."

MD Ford, Niño parent

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