Healthy food,
healthy minds


Niño is passionate about the importance of nutritional education at an early age.

Our Nutritional Ambassador, Dr Lauren Burns (PhD) is an Olympic gold medallist and a leading nutritionist who shares our passion for building healthy eating habits for life.

In collaboration with our centre chefs, Lauren has developed a fresh, seasonally influenced and nutritionally balanced menu that tastes great and enhances wellbeing. All food is cooked onsite daily and is adjusted for individual dietary requirements. It’s not only healthy, it’s food they’ll love to eat.

Niño Nutritionist Dr Lauren Burns (PhD) discusses children’s nutrition


We Are What We Eat curriculum

Niño is committed to enabling children to make healthier food choices and appreciate where their food comes from. We actively involve children in planting seasonal produce to understand the importance of growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing. Children also learn to respect and connect with nature by composting food waste from meals.

Healthy food, every day

Each day, our seasonal menu offers:

Family breakfast
Morning tea
Freshly cooked lunch
Afternoon tea
Fresh fruit and water is provided all day.

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