We develop happy, thriving children.


Tailored and holistic learning that focuses on the needs and interest of each child.

Guided by the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia, our unique education curriculum harnesses the theory of emergent learning and the science of positive psychology.
Thoughtfully curated, our curriculum gives every child the opportunity to have meaningful learning experiences that incorporate their emerging interests to grow, lead and evolve to their full potential. Through our principles, practices and learning outcomes we develop the whole child – physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.


Niño Nursery

Using our primary caregiving model, each child develops a nurturing relationship with a primary educator so they can develop a sense of trust, security and safety. In close consultation with each family, our primary educators work to understand your child’s needs, routines and family practices to ensure they thrive within the Niño ELA environments.

Niño Toddlers

Exclusively developed by Niño, our “Small Steps, Big Footprints” program carefully nurtures the transition between infancy to toddlerhood. Our program encourages self discovery, mastery and self regulation to inspire a love of learning and a desire to explore and create. Our educators work in collaboration with families on key milestones during this action-packed developmental stage, such as toilet training and independence at meal times.


3 & 4 year old kindergarten

Building on the transition of our “Small Steps, Big Footprints” program, our 3 year old kindergarten program is led by a Bachelor Qualified Teacher and a Diploma Qualified Educator. Building confidence, a sense of belonging and a love of adventure is central to our key learning environments that help children expand their interests.
In our 4 year old kindergarten program, our Bachelor Qualified Teacher and a Diploma Qualified Educator work intensively with each child, to create learning experiences across various disciplines that they are naturally drawn to and likely to experience in primary school.

Positive Education – improving the wellbeing of every child

Our Positive Education framework has been developed in association with the Institute of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar. It focuses on developing skills for children to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance resilience, promote mindfulness and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  Learn more about Positive Education at Niño.


Enhancement programs: there’s always more to explore

Niño goes beyond the standard curriculum to provide a world of experiences for children to extend their discovery. Our specialist classes include:

  • Spanish language
  • Physical education
  • Yoga
  • Cooking lessons
  • Music
  • Mindfulness

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