Niño ELA reduces the risk of cross-contamination with a new antibacterial protective cleaning solution

By Published On: November 12, 2020Categories: Blog, Covid-19, News
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The emergence of COVID-19 has placed a heightened need to improve hygiene practices across many settings, notwithstanding early learning environments. At Niño ELA, our commitment to the health and safety of our little niños, teams, families and community has seen Niño ELA introduce new cleaning products – DuroKleen and DuroPax – in all our centres.

Why DuroKleen?

A proven long-term easy solution, DuroKleen products protect your surfaces from viruses 24/7 for greater than 28 days and is proven to eliminate Human Coronavirus, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. 

DuroKleen is also committed to the safety of staff, children and community by providing long term protection against cross contamination occurring from all the early learning centre regular contact surfaces, including doors, playgrounds, desks, toilets, changing rooms, staff rooms, common use equipment and much more. 

Furthermore, an environmentally friendly water-based product, Niño ELA children, staff and families can feel protected from the harsh elements often found in other products as DuroKleen contains no harmful chemicals.

Key Benefits of DuroKleen

Common commercial disinfectants provide no ongoing protection (3 to 4 minutes at most). DuroKleen’s revolutionary technology on the other hand, can provide ongoing protection for up to 100 days*. 

A cleaned surface only stays disinfected until it is touched.  Over 80% of all communicable diseases are transmitted by hands touching contaminated surfaces. Given the large number of different surfaces touched throughout a school day you can see how easily bacteria and viruses spread. 

A simple, safe and easy solution.  At the forefront of safe, modern age, technologically advanced, long-term, antibacterial, antimicrobial disinfectant products. DuroKleen is water based and does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and will not harm your skin.

Long Term Protection. DuroKleen provides a bio-static barrier protecting surfaces continuously 24/7 to inhibit the growth of microbes including bacteria and viruses and specifically Human Coronavirus and Influenza. 

DuroKleen provides the continuous protection between cleans. 

Simple and easy to apply by spray and wipes, fogging or electrostatic sprays to cover large surface areas. It is easily incorporated into cleaning procedures and create a safer environment.

* 100 day claim is depending on surface and frequency of surface use.

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