Settling Sessions at Niño ELA

By Published On: January 6, 2021Categories: Blog, Infant, Kindergarten, Toddler
Settling Sessions at Niño ELA
What to expect when you and your child are settling in at Niño ELA

Attending an early learning program is a significant and exciting stage in a child’s development. At Niño Early Learning Adventures, we are cognisant of the challenges faced by parents and their child when taking the first steps into an early childhood setting. To ensure that this experience is as smooth and comforting as possible, Niño ELA works very closely with our families, providing constant support and communication throughout the settling process and beyond.

What do settling sessions look like at Niño ELA?
Prior to a child commencing care at Niño ELA, families attend a consultation with the Centre Manager. This appointment provides an opportunity for the family to learn more about the centre, discuss your child’s individual needs and organise settling sessions prior to your child’s first day. At Niño ELA, we recommend three settling sessions as it provides opportunities for children and families to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings and strongly supports building strong lasting relationships. 

Upon arrival for your child’s first settling session you will meet the Principal Educator and team of educators who will be caring for your little Niño. 
1st settling session:
During your child’s settling session parents stay with their child in the room, as this provides an opportunity to spend time getting to know our educators and support your child within their new learning environment.
2nd settling session: 
During the second settling session, parents spend some time at the beginning of the session in the room with their child and our educators. Once your child is feeling settled our team will encourage you to spend some time in our parent lounge (an opportunity for you to have a coffee and take a little time for yourself). If your child becomes unsettled during this time, you will be asked to re-join the group.
3rd settling session:
This session is an opportunity for your child to spend a substantial amount of time in the room, simulating their first day of care, while you spend time in our parent lounge. Our team will ask you to re-join the group if your child becomes unsettled. 

At Niño ELA, we want to ensure you and your child’s comfort and well-being remain our top priority and for the transition to your child’s new environment to be as seamless as possible. At the completion of the three settling sessions, further sessions can be accommodated if required.
Ongoing communication with our families
Throughout the settling sessions and beyond, Niño ELA maintains a strong line of communication with families; through conversation with your child’s Principal Educator we are committed to ensuring that your child’s individual needs are met.
What questions may I need answered during settling sessions at Niño ELA?
  • How will my child’s day look at Niño ELA? 
  • What is the schedule of events?
  • What is the purpose of progressive mealtimes?
  • What are NIP times? When do these happen?
  • What opportunities will my child have to choose where and how he/she learns?
  • How do I find out more about my child’s day?
  • Where do I find information about my child’s individual learning?
  • Where are my child’s belongings kept?
  • How will my child’s individual needs be catered for? 
We welcome you to visit or contact your closest Niño Early Learning Adventures Centre to learn more about our settling sessions »